Customizing Magnetic Locks For Specialized Security Needs

Customizing Magnetic Locks for Specialized Security Needs

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In the realm of business security, magnetic locks have emerged as game-changers, offering an unparalleled level of protection that traditional key-based systems can hardly match. With my extensive background in security technology, I’ve witnessed firsthand how a well-customized maglock system can fortify a premise against unwanted intrusions and simplify access control management.

These impressive devices use an electromagnetic force—so strong that it defies conventional break-in methods—to keep your property safe.

Magnetic lock customization opens a world of possibilities to meet your company’s unique security needs. From safeguarding sensitive areas with biometric controls to integrating seamless entry for employees via smartphone apps, these tailored solutions enhance both safety and operational efficiency.

Discover the transformative power of bespoke magnetic locking systems through this comprehensive guide—a valuable asset you won’t want to overlook. Get ready to unlock the potential..

Key Takeaways

  • Magnetic locks use strong electromagnetic forces to keep doors closed, making them hard for intruders to break in.
  • These locks can work without keys and allow access through cards, codes, or even from phones, adding convenience.
  • Customizing maglocks lets you pick features like multi – stage authentication and biometric controls for extra security.
  • They are safe during power outages because they unlock automatically, letting people get out.
  • Magnetic lock systems last a long time and save money since there’s no need to change keys often.

Understanding Different Types of Magnetic Locks

Understanding Different Types of Magnetic Locks

Dive into the world of magnetic locks, where security meets innovation. Before you tailor your security solutions, it’s essential to grasp the nuances and capabilities of various magnetic lock systems available in today’s market.

Electromagnetic locks

Electromagnetic locks

Electromagnetic locks are like invisible bodyguards for your doors. They use a strong magnetic force to keep the door shut tight. This means, even if someone tries really hard, they can’t just push the door open.

No keys are needed because these locks work with an electric signal that tells them when to lock and unlock. This is great for you as a business owner because it gives you control over who gets in and out, and there’s no hassle with lost keys.

Your security system gets smarter with electromagnetic locks. They connect to devices that track who comes and goes. You don’t have to worry during a power outage either; these locks automatically unlock, so people can get out safely.

Plus, their strength makes them almost impossible for burglars to beat.

Now let’s talk about single-door locks..

Single door locks

Single door locks

Moving from the broad category of electromagnetic locks to a more specific type, let’s talk about single door locks. These are perfect for your business if you need to secure one main entrance or a series of individual rooms.

Single door magnetic locks use an armature plate and an electromagnet to create a strong bond that keeps the door shut tight. You don’t have to worry about someone forcing their way in because these locks are tough!

You’ll find these types of magnetic door lock systems super easy to handle — no keys needed! This means you can give access remotely, which is safe and saves you money over time.

Imagine being able to control who gets in with just a few clicks on your phone or computer. Plus, since they’re fail-safe, when power goes out, doors will unlock automatically letting people exit quickly during emergencies.

Now think about how this could change things at your place. Your guests could move around without waiting for someone with keys every time they need into different sections – convenient and efficient! And remember, installation is straightforward: pick the right spot, make sure it fits well with your door setup and keep it clean for long-lasting results.

With single door magnetic locks customized for your needs, securing your business just got easier and smarter!

Double door locks

Double door locks

Double door locks are a must-have for businesses with big entrances. These locks keep both doors shut tight with a strong magnetic bond. You can trust them to work hard and stop people from breaking in.

Customizing these locks makes your place even safer.

For your business, you want double door magnetic locks that are tough to beat. They use power to lock up but if the lights go out, they open so people can get out safely. This way, you get top security without worrying about people being stuck inside during an emergency.

These locks don’t need keys and let the right folks in with just a tap or code, making day-to-day running smoother.

Customization Options for Various Environments

Customization Options for Various Environments

Dive into the world of tailored security – magnetic locks aren’t just a one-size-fits-all solution. Explore how customizing these sophisticated devices can bolster the safety and functionality specific to your business’s environment, whether that’s welcoming guests with seamless hotel access or safeguarding sensitive areas in public facilities.

Hotel systems

Hotel systems

Magnetic locks are key to keeping hotels safe. They let you control who can go where, which keeps guests and staff secure.

  • Choose the Right Magnetic Locks: Find magnetic door locks that fit your hotel’s doors. Thick doors may need stronger maglocks.
  • Install on Various Doors: Put maglocks on back entrances, gym areas, or conference rooms for extra security.
  • Use Keyless Entry Systems: Keyless systems mean no lost room keys. Guests enjoy easy access with cards or mobile devices.
  • Set Up Multi-stage Authentication: This means a guest might use a card and a code to get in, which makes things very safe.
  • Integrate with Hotel Software: Connect your lock system to the hotel’s computer program. Track who comes in and out.
  • Have Fail-safe Locks Ready: If power goes out, maglocks unlock safely. Guests won’t be stuck in their rooms.
  • Add Extra Features for VIP Rooms: Use high-security maglocks for special guests who need more safety.

Access systems

Access systems

Access systems are a key part of your security. They let the right people in and keep others out.

  • Keyless Entry: You can get into your building without keys. This means less worry about lost keys and no need to change locks when a key goes missing.
  • Codes and Cards: People use special cards or codes to open doors. Only those with the right card or code can enter.
  • Biometrics: Extra safe locks use things like fingerprints to let people in. This is hard to trick, making it very secure.
  • Remote Access: You can open doors from far away using a computer or smartphone. This helps when you need to let someone in but can’t be there yourself.
  • Multi-Person Access: More than one person at a time can go through the door if needed.
  • Tracking: These systems keep track of who comes in and out. You know who was where and when.
  • Alarms: If someone tries to get in who shouldn’t, an alarm will sound. This alerts you right away to trouble.

Locking devices

Magnetic locks keep your doors closed and secure. They’re really tough for bad guys to break through.

  • Electromagnetic Locks: These use a powerful magnet to hold the door shut. No power means the door unlocks, so people can get out during an emergency.
  • Entry Devices: You get to choose who can open the door. This could be with a card, a code, or even a fingerprint.
  • Egress Devices: These let folks leave without trouble. Think of a button on the wall that turns off the magnet when pushed.
  • Power Supply: Your lock needs electricity to work. Make sure you pick the right power box that won’t quit on you.
  • Tamper-proof features: Go for locks that are tough against rough handling or tampering. Nobody will mess with your lock quietly.
  • Drill Resistance: Some locking devices have special metal that makes it super hard for thieves to drill through.
  • Allen Wrench Adjustment: This little tool lets you fix the set screw on your lock. Tightening things up keeps your lock working right.
  • Set Screws and Bolts: Choose locks with strong screws and bolts. They should hold tight and not break easy.

Entry, egress, and power devices

Magnetic locks keep doors secure and control who can enter or leave. They need the right parts to work well for your business. Here’s what you should know about entry, egress, and power devices:

  • Entry Devices: These are tools like keypads, card readers, or biometric scanners that let people with permission unlock the door. You can pick one that fits your security level and how easy it needs to be for folks to use.
  • Card Readers: Wave a special card in front of the reader, and if it’s allowed, the door unlocks.
  • Keypads: Type in a code to get in. Change the code anytime to keep things safe.
  • Biometric Systems: Use fingerprints or face scans for high-level security. Only let in people whose details are saved.
  • Egress Devices: These help people leave safely, especially during an emergency. They make sure your place meets safety rules.
  • Push Bars: Hit these bars on doors to go out fast when needed.
  • Motion Sensors: Wave your hand near these, and doors open without touching anything.
  • Emergency Releases: Pull these if there’s danger so everyone can get out quick.
  • Power Supplies: Magnetic locks need power all the time because they stay locked this way. Think about what kind is best for your setup.
  • Backup Batteries: Keep doors locked even if the power goes out.
  • Power Supply Units: Give steady power so that maglocks work right all day.

Shopping centers and malls

Shopping centers and malls are busy places where security is key. You need locks that keep doors safe but also let the right people in and out easily. Custom magnetic locks can help with this.

They use a strong force to stay shut, so intruders have a tough time breaking in. At the same time, these locks work without keys. People who should get in can do so with a card or code.

You’ll find that these systems offer more than just safety – they’re smart too! With maglocks, you can track who comes and goes, collecting useful data for security reports. This helps you see any unusual actions quickly and keeps your mall safe around the clock.

Now think about your office or business complex; let’s explore how magnetic locks step up security there too.

Office and business complexes

Office and business complexes need strong locks to keep offices safe. You want to stop people who should not get in, but let the right ones move freely. Magnetic locks are great for this.

They stick to the door with a powerful force. No one can push their way in if they’re not allowed.

These locks also make life easier because you don’t need keys anymore. Think about all the time you save not having to deal with lost keys or changing locks! Plus, if there’s ever an emergency like a power outage, these maglocks automatically unlock so everyone can get out safely.

Next up, let’s talk about how public facilities use magnetic locks for security and smooth operations.

Public facilities

Just like office complexes need secure entryways, public facilities such as libraries, parks, and swimming pools also require special attention to safety. Magnetic locks are ideal for these places because they keep doors safely shut until an authorized person needs to open them.

This means you can relax knowing only the right people can get in.

In these spaces, magnetic locks handle a lot of use every day. They must be tough and last a long time. These lock systems are great because they don’t need power to unlock in case of an emergency like a fire or power outage.

This keeps everyone safer. Think about adding magnetic locks to your public facility — it’s a smart move for security!

Different Features and Applications for Various Needs

Different Features and Applications for Various Needs

Discover the versatility of magnetic locks as we delve into an array of features tailored for diverse requirements—from childproofing your home to securing high-risk commercial spaces.

These customized solutions not only aim to fortify, but also streamline access ensuring that your premises are safeguarded with precision and ease.

Child safety locks

Child safety locks protect little ones from dangers. These magnetic locks keep cabinets and drawers shut tight so kids can’t get into them. You put them inside where they can’t be seen, which keeps your place looking nice too.

They are strong and only open when you use a special key or device.

For your business, think about using these locks to keep things safe. They work well in places like doctor’s offices, stores, or any spot where families come with children. These safety features show customers that you care about keeping their kids out of harm’s way while they visit your business.

It’s a smart move for everyone!

Cabinet and drawer locks

Cabinet and drawer locks are a smart pick for keeping important files and items safe in your office. They use magnetic power to latch tightly, so only people you want can get inside.

These locks are keyless, making life easier because you don’t have to worry about losing keys or changing locks. Plus, they’re tough against picking tools that thieves might use.

Magnetic lock systems on cabinets and drawers help keep your business secure without any hassle. You’ll save money over time with no need to make new keys each time one gets lost. Up next, let’s explore how keyless entry systems add another level of convenience and security to your workplace.

Keyless entry systems

Keyless entry systems change the game for your business security. You get locks that don’t need keys at all! Imagine not having to make or replace keys ever again. This saves you time and money.

Plus, these systems are super strong against break-ins because they use magnets to keep doors shut tight.

You control who comes in and out with a button or a card swipe, even from far away. With keyless entry, you have more power over your building’s safety without the hassle of handling many keys.

It makes life easier for everyone—your team, your customers, and you!

High security locks

High security locks are like superheroes for your doors. They use strong magnets and smart design to keep the bad guys out. Think of them as guards that never sleep, always keeping an eye on your business place.

These locks can’t be picked because they don’t have a keyhole—super clever, right? And they know who should come in or go out, letting only people you trust move through the doors.

Your security gets even better with these magnetic wonders. You control everything without needing keys that might get lost or copied. Plus, if the power goes off, the lock knows it’s time for a break and lets go of the door safely.

But when things are normal, it holds on tight! Next up is “The Ultimate Guide to Magnetic Locks: Everything You Need to Know,” where you’ll dive deep into how these locks work their magic.

The Ultimate Guide to Magnetic Locks: Everything You Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to Magnetic Locks Everything You Need to Know

Magnetic locks are a powerful choice for keeping your doors secure. They use a strong electromagnetic force to make sure the door stays shut. This means it’s super hard for anyone to break in.

You don’t need keys at all, which is great because you won’t have to worry about losing them or having too many copies out there. Instead, you can control who gets in with things like cards or codes.

These locks come in different shapes and sizes – some for one door, others for two. And they’re not just strong; they’re smart, too! They keep track of who comes and goes, making your security even tighter.

If the power ever goes out, magnetic locks automatically unlock so people can get out safely during an emergency. Customizing these locks makes sure that you get exactly what your business needs to be safe and sound.

Benefits of Customizing Magnetic Locks

Benefits of Customizing Magnetic Locks

Customizing magnetic locks opens the door to a world of tailored security solutions, ensuring that each lock is perfectly fitted to its intended environment and use. It’s not just about enhancing security—personalized configurations bring a level of convenience and operational efficiency that standard locks can’t match.

Enhanced security

You want the best protection for your business, and magnetic locks are here to deliver that. These locks use strong electromagnetic forces to keep doors shut tight against intruders.

Since they need power to stay locked, if there’s a blackout or emergency, the door unlocks automatically, helping people get out safely. This built-in fail-safe feature means you don’t have to worry about being trapped inside during a power loss.

Upgrading your security with custom magnetic locks steps up your defense game even further. Only folks with permission can come in, which keeps unwanted guests out. Plus, these systems let you track who comes and goes—giving you more control over your space’s safety and peace of mind that everything is secure when you’re not around.

Convenience and ease of use

Magnetic locks make life easier. They get rid of the need for keys, so you don’t have to worry about losing them or making copies. With maglocks, doors open with a card, code, or even from your phone.

This means less hassle and more time getting things done.

They also save money over time because there’s no need to swap out locks when a key goes missing. Plus, if the power goes out, maglocks unlock automatically so people can leave safely in an emergency.

Now let’s look at how they last longer and stay strong under tough conditions.

Durability and longevity

After setting up your magnetic locks, you can count on them to last a long time. These locks are tough and stand up well against wear and tear. They don’t have parts that rub together like traditional locks, which means they don’t break down as fast.

This makes them a smart choice for businesses.

Your magnetic security system stays strong over the years. It doesn’t need keys that might get lost or copied, cutting down on trouble and saving money in the long run. Plus, if there’s ever a power outage, maglocks simply let go without getting damaged so you can get in or out safely.

Advanced Features and Technology for Specialized Security Needs

Advanced Features and Technology for Specialized Security Needs

In the realm of specialized security, magnetic locks have evolved far beyond their basic function—today’s systems are equipped with cutting-edge features that redefine access control.

With advancements like multi-stage authentication and biometric access, these sophisticated locks not only ensure robust protection but adapt seamlessly to individual security needs, keeping unauthorized personnel at bay while offering unparalleled convenience for authorized users.

Multi-stage authentication systems

Multi-stage authentication systems are like having a series of checkpoints. Think of it as a high-security event where each guest must pass through several layers of security checks before entering.

These systems work similarly for your business, making sure only the right people with the correct credentials can get through your doors.

You’ll love multi-stage authentication because it combines different types of security measures. It might start with something you know, like a password or PIN code. Then, it adds in something you have – maybe a key card or fob.

And for even stronger security, it can include something you are—like your fingerprint or face recognition using biometric access control. This layered approach gives you tighter control and keeps unwanted visitors out effectively.

Biometric access control

Biometric access control steps up your security game by using unique human traits like fingerprints, faces, or even eye patterns to let people in. This means you won’t need to worry about lost keys or hacked codes.

These high-tech systems check who comes and goes, making sure only the right folks can enter sensitive areas of your business. You’ll know exactly who accessed what area and when.

Imagine unlocking doors just by looking at them or with a quick fingerprint scan – that’s the ease biometric systems bring! They mix top-notch security with cool technology so you can relax knowing your place is safe.

Plus, they’re tough for anyone not supposed to be there to beat. Your business stays locked tight while still being welcoming for all the right people.

Smartphone and remote monitoring

Smartphone and remote monitoring let you keep an eye on your security from anywhere. With a simple app, you can control who gets in and see when the door opens. This means even if you’re away, your place stays safe.

And since these locks are smart, they can tell you if anything odd happens.

Magnetic locks work great with this tech because they talk to the system non-stop. If the power goes out or someone tries to mess with them, you’ll know right away. Now think about how this could change things for custom color choices and creative designs in magnetic locks..

Customization for Unique Environments

Customization for Unique Environments

Dive into how magnetic locks can be tailored to thrive in the most unique of settings, ensuring that your specialized security needs are met with precision and style—discover the possibilities within these customizable solutions.

Magnetic locks for outdoor use

Magnetic locks for outdoor use are tough and can handle rain, snow, or sun. They work well to keep gates or outside doors safe. Think about using magnetic locks on fences around a pool or on an outside storage unit.

These special maglocks are made to last longer outdoors than regular ones.

You don’t need to worry about keys with outdoor magnetic locks, which is a big plus for busy areas like parks or pools where lots of people come and go. Instead, you have options like keypads or card readers that make getting in easy for those allowed while keeping others out.

This type of security system is smart because it cuts down long-term costs by needing less fixing over time.

Custom colors and designs

Your magnetic locks don’t have to look boring or stick out like a sore thumb. You can pick colors and designs that match your style. Imagine locks that blend in with your woodwork or carry your company’s colors.

This makes your security system fit in nicely, without looking ugly or out of place.

Some high-end locks also let you add a logo or a custom design. This is great for showing off your brand and making sure everything looks professional. Better still, it can make it harder for bad guys to notice your security gear, giving you an extra layer of protection without any fuss.

Marine-grade magnetic locks

Now, imagine magnetic locks strong enough for the sea. Marine-grade magnetic locks are made just for this tough environment. They have special coatings and materials that stand up to saltwater and rough weather.

This makes them perfect for boats, docks, or any place near the ocean.

With marine-grade options, you don’t worry about rust or damage from water. These locks work great outdoors and keep things safe even in wet conditions. Business owners who need security where there’s lots of water find these locks very helpful.

They’re built to last a long time too!

Installation and Maintenance Considerations

Tips for Maintaining and Troubleshooting Magnetic Locks

Peek behind the curtain of any robust security system and you’ll discover that installation and maintenance are cornerstones—not just afterthoughts. Ensuring your cutting-edge magnetic locks function flawlessly hinges on nailing down these fundamentals, with a focus on strategic placement and consistent, thorough attention to care.

Choosing the right location

Picking a spot for your magnetic locks matters a lot. You want them where they can do their best work to keep things safe. Think about where people come and go the most, like main doors or sensitive areas that need extra security.

These spots are perfect for maglocks because they’re tough for bad guys to beat.

You also have to make sure the place you choose has power since these locks need it to stay locked. This means planning ahead so you don’t end up with a great lock in a spot where it can’t get juice to work right.

Get this step done well, and you’ll have strong security that’s hard to mess with.

Ensuring compatibility

After finding the perfect spot for your magnetic lock, you need to make sure it works well with your door and security systems. Magnetic locks are great because they use a strong force to keep doors shut tight.

But each door is different, so you want to pick a lock that fits just right.

Your security system might also use special codes or devices that let people in. Make sure the magnetic lock can talk to these things without any trouble. Check if your system needs constant power, as maglocks do, so they stay locked all the time.

If there’s no power, they will unlock to let people out safely. It’s smart to choose locks that work well with your setup and give you control over who can enter or leave.

Regular cleaning and upkeep

Keep your magnetic locks working well by cleaning them often. Dirt and dust can mess up the lock’s power to hold tight. Use a soft cloth to clean the surface. Make sure it’s always free of grime.

Check on your magnetic locks from time to time, too. You want them to work right every day. If there is no power, the door will unlock because maglocks need electricity all the time.

It’s good to look over all parts to see if anything needs fixing or replacing before problems happen.

Factors to Consider When Customizing Magnetic Locks

Factors to Consider When Customizing Magnetic Locks

Tailoring your magnetic lock setup demands careful deliberation of various elements that will shape its efficacy. Considering these factors is crucial—not as a mere afterthought, but as the cornerstones ensuring your security measures align precisely with your unique business needs and expectations.

Levels of security needed

Your business is unique, and so are its security needs. Think about what you want to protect. A jewelry store might need stronger locks than a small office. Magnetic locks give you the power to choose how much security your doors will have.

You can pick a simple magnetic lock for places where you just want to keep honest people honest. Or, you might need something tougher for areas with valuable items or sensitive information.

Maglocks make it easy because they use an electromagnetic force that’s hard to beat without the right access.

Next, let’s look at the type of entry/exit system that will work best for your place.

Type of entry/exit system

Choosing the right entry and exit system for your magnetic locks is key. You want a setup that fits how people come in and out of your place. Magnetic locks can work with card readers, codes, or even fingerprints.

This makes sure only those you trust can open the door.

Think about what works best for your business. Some systems let employees use their phones to get in. Others might need something tougher like a biometric scanner for extra security.

No matter which you pick, magnetic locks give strong protection without needing keys. Plus, they keep good track of who enters and leaves, so you always know what’s going on at your site.

Budget and cost considerations

Money matters when you’re adding magnetic locks to your business. You want good security, but it has to fit your budget too. Think about how much you can spend and look at different magnetic locks.

Some cost more because they have special features like keyless entry or remote monitoring.

You also save money in the long run with maglocks because you don’t need keys that can get lost or copied. And since they last a long time, you won’t have to replace them often. Next up: let’s talk about maximizing security with these cool locks!

Maximizing Security with Magnetic Lock Installations for Doors and Storefronts

Maximizing Security with Magnetic Lock Installations for Doors and Storefronts

Magnetic locks keep doors and storefronts very safe. They use a powerful force that makes it hard for bad people to get inside. Here’s how you can make the most out of them:

  • Choose the right kind of lock: Electromagnetic locks work well for single or double doors, so pick one that fits your door type.
  • Think about who gets in: Maglocks can control access, only letting certain people through the door with special cards or codes.
  • Power is key: Since magnetic locks need power to stay locked, set up a reliable power source to make sure they always work.
  • Have a backup plan: In case the power goes off, know that maglocks will unlock automatically. Plan what to do when this happens.
  • Hide the lock for extra safety: Some maglocks are made to be not seen easily. This feature keeps thieves from trying to open them.
  • Use advanced options if needed: For really important places, use maglocks with extras like finger scanning or ways to watch over things with your phone.
  • Keep track of who comes and goes: Magnetic locks can record information on who enters and exits, helping you watch over your place better.

Remember these points while setting up magnetic locks at your place. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your business is safer day and night!

Ensuring Your Security System Is Set Up for Success

Ensuring Your Security System Is Set Up for Success

Your security system needs to work well. To make sure it does, follow these steps:

  • Pick the right lock for each door. Think about how much protection you want and pick a magnetic lock that fits.
  • Make locks match your doors. Double-check that the maglocks fit with your single or double doors.
  • Install locks where power won’t go out. Maglocks need electricity, so place them in spots where power stays on.
  • Use backup power sources. When regular electricity stops, have batteries or generators ready to keep locks working.
  • Test locks often. Every month, check to see if your maglocks are locking and unlocking like they should.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of trouble. If a lock seems weak or broken, fix it fast before it becomes a big problem.
  • Train your team well. Teach everyone who uses the maglocks how they work and what to do if there’s a problem.
  • Stay up-to-date with new tech updates. Look for smart ways like smartphone control to make using your maglocks easier and safer.

Each step helps ensure that only people you trust can get in while keeping others out effectively and efficiently!



You’ve learned a lot about magnetic locks and how they keep places safe. These locks can be set up to work just right for what you need. They’re strong, last a long time, and make getting in and out easy.

If you want more help or info, there are lots of resources you can check out. Remember, upgrading your locks can really make a difference—take that step towards better security today and call (267) 656-7870 or contact Jefferson Security Cameras with any questions.

FAQs – Customizing Magnetic Locks

What are some key benefits of customizing magnetic locks?

Customizing magnetic locks allows you to enhance security, add convenience, improve durability and longevity, and incorporate advanced features and technology to meet your business’s specialized security needs. You can tailor authentication systems, locking devices, and other components to your exact specifications.

How can magnetic locks be customized for hotels?

For hotels, magnetic locks can be customized to integrate with keyless entry systems, set up multi-stage authentication, connect to hotel software to track access, have fail-safe backup systems, and add extra security features for VIP rooms.

What kind of customization is possible for outdoor magnetic locks?

Outdoor magnetic locks can be customized to be weatherproof and durable enough to withstand rain, snow, sunlight, temperature swings, and other outdoor conditions. They can also be color-matched or incorporate logos/designs to blend in aesthetically with a location.

What maintenance is required for magnetic locks?

Regular maintenance like cleaning dirt/debris, checking connections/power supply, inspecting components for damage, testing functionality, tightening screws, and updating software/firmware is important for magnetic locks. Proper installation and placement is also key.

What factors should you consider when customizing magnetic locks?

Key factors include required security levels, types of entry/exit systems, budget, accessibility needs, aesthetics, outdoor vs. indoor use, integration with other systems, ease of use, credentials, and monitoring capabilities. Your business’s specific needs should drive customization.

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