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Residential Systems

Residential Security Camera Installation

Residential Security Camera Systems Installation in Philadelphia

As a national leader in home security camera systems, Jefferson Security Cameras can help give you peace of mind when you’re not around. With powerful home and business video surveillance systems with top video performance and motion detection, our cutting-edge surveillance cameras will help ensure everything is as it should be at home – inside and out.


Security systems provide peace of mind in your home. Let Jefferson Security Cameras help you keep an eye on your greatest investment on everything in the house from step ones to stairs – all without breaking a sweat. If you live in Philadelphia or the surrounding suburbs and are looking for a top-rated security camera installation service provider, Jefferson Security Cameras should be your first call.


automated home lock
automated home lock
automated home lock
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Security Cameras with Video Surveillance Systems Professionally Installed

Doors & Windows

Secure doors & windows which are potential entry areas for intruders.
doors and windows

High Value Sections

Let Jefferson Security Cameras keep watch over your high value areas like safes & jewelry boxes.

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Hallways & Stairs

Monitor high traffic areas of your home and living spaces.

home hallways and stairs

Home Entrances

Cover main doorways and points of entry to your house. Most home intrusions occur through the front door or other entry points.

home entrance

Home Perimenter

Cover large areas around your home, especially gathering spaces like the backyard, porch and patio. We place cameras at high points to cover large areas.

perimeter area


Vehicles are easy targets for criminals and thieves. We will be sure to have a camera pointed directly at your driveway or other important outdoor objects of value.

driveway of home
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Great business. They installed a security system at our condos and it has provided great security images and given our residents peace of mind. This company goes above and beyond with customer support and excellent work ethics.

Lana Sandoval

About Our Commercial CCTV Services

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

CCTV system installation service. Ask us about the different options to view your footage, including a DVR/NVR Recorder. Stream the surveillance footage playback with ease.

360 View of the Premises

Having a complete 360 over-site of your home and property is always the best when installing home and business security cameras. Monitoring, alarm, cloud service, IP cameras and more.

Custom Security Camera Set

We have multiple different Security Camera Installation System packages you can choose from. From 2 cameras to hundreds. We will customize each commercial package.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of my home can you install security cameras?

We install security cameras both inside and outside your home to cover entryways, high-value items, perimeter areas, driveways, and any other areas you want to be monitored. Our technicians will assess your property and make camera placement recommendations.

Do you offer smart home integration?

Yes, we can integrate your security system with popular smart home platforms like Alexa and Google Home for voice control and automation. This allows you to easily view feeds, control cameras, and more.

Will the cameras be noticeable?

We use discreet camera types and placement so your system blends into your home’s aesthetics. Only you will know the cameras are there monitoring activity.

What if I move?

Our technicians can professionally remove and reinstall your security system if you move to a new home. We can customize it to your new property seamlessly.

Do you provide maintenance plans?

Absolutely. We offer ongoing maintenance plans to keep your system optimized. This includes regular tune-ups, software updates, and priority repairs by our technicians.


Residential Security Camera Systems in Philadelphia

We understand your need for quality and reliable security camera & CCTV systems. We provide custom solutions (design build or system upgrades) that are flexible and scalable and can be designed to meet your growing needs. 

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