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Intercom Systems

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Intercom System Installation

Intercoms aren’t just intercoms anymore; they’re now fully integrated into your access control system and can open and lock doors with the push of a button. This allows for convenient, quick monitoring of everyone who gains access to the building and makes access control efforts easy. 

At Jefferson Security, we specialize in both intercom system installation & repair. Give us a call at (610) 937-3377 for a free quote or schedule a walk through of your property to determine your intercom needs.

In some cases, intercoms can have complete access control systems completely integrated into them, including features such as built-in card readers. In many cases, they are used in conjunction with an automatic gate opener to create an easy system for allowing visitors to enter the property.  

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automated home lock
automated home lock
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Security Cameras with Video Surveillance Systems Professionally Installed

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Voice Intercom

Voice intercoms provide real-time communication at the door, and from room-to-room for households, and businesses. Voice intercom systems provide a great inter-communication tool for larger spaces, allowing occupants and individuals to speak to someone in another room, another floor, or with visitors outside—without leaving the room they are in. Voice intercoms are easy to use and provide a cost-effective security solution for a home or business.

Video Intercom

Video intercoms enable you to see who’s outside of the door of your home or business, without having to open the door. A video intercom system provides another layer of protection for securing your workplace or household. Some video intercom systems provide integration capabilities with access control modules, to further enhance security at-the-door. 

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wireless intercom system

Wireless Intercom

Wireless intercom systems are easy-to-install at a home or business. Wireless technology eliminates the need for running complicated hard wiring, and cutting and drilling into walls or ceilings to install the unit. Complete wireless intercom systems typically offer a secure radio link and encryption between units to prevent individuals from eavesdropping on the wireless communication, and enhanced wireless network security.

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Great business. They installed a security system at our condos and it has provided great security images and given our residents peace of mind. This company goes above and beyond with customer support and excellent work ethics.

Lana Sandoval

About Our Intercom & Door Buzzer Systems

Intercom Repair

Ask us about the different options to view your footage, including a DVR/NVR Recorder. Stream the surveillance footage playback with ease.

Intercom Replacement

Having a complete 360 over-site of your home and property is always the best when installing security cameras.

Intercom Upgrade

We have multiple different Security Camera System packages you can choose from. From 2 cameras to hundreds. We will customize each commercial package.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of properties do you install intercoms for?

We handle intercom system installation for commercial buildings like offices, apartment complexes, warehouses, retail stores, schools, and manufacturing facilities. We also install home intercom systems.

Do your intercoms integrate with other security systems?

Yes, we can connect your intercom system to your existing security cameras, access control system, and smart home platform for centralized control and automation.

Do you offer video intercom systems?

Yes, we recommend video intercom systems so you can visually verify visitors before granting access to your building. We install high-quality video intercoms.

How complicated is it to use your intercom systems?

Our intercom systems are designed for easy use. We tailor the intercom to your needs, whether you want simple communication or advanced smart home integration.

Do you provide repair and maintenance services?

Absolutely. We service and repair all major brands of intercom systems. We also offer maintenance plans to keep your intercom optimized with periodic tune-ups.

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We understand your need for quality and reliable security camera & CCTV systems. We provide custom solutions (design build or system upgrades) that are flexible and scalable and can be designed to meet your growing needs. 

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