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Parking Lot Security Camera Installation

Parking Lot Security Camera Installation

Philadelphia's Parking Lot Security Camera Installation Experts

Parking lot security cameras provide a safe haven for employees, clients, and customers by capturing video evidence of all the activities occurring in monitored areas. The installation protects against crime while also deterring potential thieves from ever committing their crimes as they travel to or from work thanks to these high-tech monitoring systems that are quickly becoming more popular than ever before.

With a commercial security system, you can monitor movement in low-light settings and nighttime. Furthermore, the cameras will capture footage of cars coming into your lot which may help resolve crimes by identifying their model/license plate number as well as facial features such that it might be possible to identify them should something happen on-site. 

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Security Cameras with Video Surveillance Systems Professionally Installed

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Maximizing Safety with Parking Lot Security Cameras

We all know how important it is to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. That’s why a parking lot surveillance camera system will be sure that no one gets hurt on your property, even if they seem like harmless enough people.

When you need to protect your employees and customers, parking lot security camera installation is one of the best ways to go.

When it comes to parking lot security camera installation, there are several things you should know. First, if you are planning to use a network camera for parking lot surveillance cameras, you need to do some research on the type of video technology your parking lot surveillance cameras will be using. You might want to consider using an aerial or fixed direction viewing camera mounted on a pole or a sheltering camera installed on the ground near the gate in order to capture clear footage of all possible angles that may be needed by law enforcement personnel. 


Choosing the Right Camera Tech for Parking Lot Security

Secondly, when it comes down to selecting where best to put your surveillance cameras, remember that there are plenty of different types of video technology that can work for you and each has its own purpose. You can choose from wedge cameras that are mounted high above the ground or dome cameras that can easily pan. Your parking lot surveillance cameras can feature a variety of other useful characteristics, such as those able to adjust their detection ability based on lighting conditions.

How do you know what kinds of parking lot security camera installation will be best for your property? The type of video technology will depend on the size, amount, and location of your property. It’s better to play it safe by installing multiple cameras than risk losing important footage by placing all your cameras in one place. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of my parking lot can be covered?

We install cameras to monitor entrances/exits, perimeters, lanes, spaces, cashier booths, ATMs, loading zones, and any other areas needing surveillance.

Do you offer license plate recognition?

Yes, we can integrate LPR systems to automatically log license plates, time stamps, and locations to help track activity.

What camera types do you recommend?

We suggest a mix of fixed and PTZ cameras. Fixed view larger areas, while PTZ cameras can zoom in on details like faces and license plates.


How are cameras protected from weather or tampering?

Our expert installers use weatherproof cameras and inconspicuous, strategic mounting locations to keep cameras secure.

Will installation disrupt my business?

Installs are scheduled during your off hours. Our team works efficiently to minimize any business impact during parking lot camera installation.


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