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Business Security Camera Program

Jefferson Security Cameras works closely with the City of Philadelphia to help all types of business & commercial property owners GET THE FUNDING for their Security Cameras and can possibly do the same for YOUR BUSINESS!

How to Get External Security Cameras Installed for Your Commercial Properties

The Business Security Camera Program is designed to help Philadelphia businesses and commercial property owners install exterior security cameras. The program offers reimbursement for up to 50% of the total cost of exterior security cameras and other eligible improvements, with a maximum award of $3,000 for a single commercial property. By installing security cameras, businesses can make their areas safer for shoppers and the community while also improving their economic performance. 

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Security Cameras with Video Surveillance Systems Professionally Installed

We Handle the Many Questions, Forms & Images to be Answered, Emailed & Uploaded

Jefferson Security is in a position to help get your business external security cameras installed and at the same time save you a lot of money. The amount of paperwork just to apply is overwhelming, the right photographs needed, sitting down to fill out forms, and submitting registrations don’t sound like fun but we’ve streamlined the process and gotten it done faster for you. Call us at (610) 937-3377 or complete the very simple form above for more details and consideration on getting your commercial property and business buildings the desperately needed external security cameras during these crime-rate rising times. 

Process and eligibility: To apply, businesses must be registered and licensed with the City of Philadelphia and current with all City taxes. Businesses that own the building property or rent the building property with approval from the property owner are eligible to apply. Photos showing where you would locate the cameras, at least one estimate from a licensed contractor (a second estimate is recommended), and if you rent the building property, a letter from the building owner granting permission for the work. Jefferson Security Cameras can take the lead and help you get the discounts on your new security cameras and we’ll also make sure they are properly installed and functioning without fail. Unlike others, we can and will rapidly fulfill this process for you. 

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What Does Business Security Camera Program Award?

The Business Security Camera Program offers a credit equal to 50% of the total cost of the security cameras, including installation and labor. The actual amount paid by the city can vary depending on property type and whether it is a business site or a private home. The program also provides funding for equipment leases and other eligible improvements.

What Types of Security Cameras are Eligible?

Security cameras that record and store video are eligible for the program. Fixed or panoramic digital cameras are allowed. Security cameras cannot rotate 360 degrees, panoramic vision cannot exceed a 120-degree field of view, and all cameras must be fixed to a building or pole. Cameras must be located outside the building at least fifteen (15) feet from the property line. A security camera system may include one (1) panoramic camera for every six (6) fixed cameras and one (1) mobile camera for every twenty-five (25) fixed cameras.

How Do I Apply for the Business Security Camera Program?

Commercial property owners and business owners in the City of Philadelphia contact Jefferson Security Cameras to fast-track your security camera installation with the big benefits and huge savings available through the Business Security Camera Program.

The City of Philadelphia will reimburse 50% of eligible costs after work has been completed, provided that all required paperwork is submitted and approved by the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority. Applications must be submitted within 18 months after installation to be eligible for reimbursement.

Get the details on top-quality security cameras installed for your commercial property and businesses by calling Jefferson Security Cameras at (610) 937-3377 and we will handle all the complicated paperwork for getting your property and business the very necessary external security cameras, for a small non-refundable application fee that will keep your commercial properties safe from criminals. Get affordable camera installation utilizing the savings in the Business Security Camera Program we will help get to you! We also do a follow-up visit to make sure everything is working properly after installation. 

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Security Cameras provide Peace of Mind for Businesses

Businesses of all sizes are now installing security cameras in order to better monitor their properties and protect themselves from crime. A business security camera program can provide peace of mind for businesses of all sizes, as well as help investigators solve crimes. There are a number of different types of security cameras, so it is important to choose the one that best suits the needs of your business. Some key considerations include: whether you need a day or night camera, how many cameras you will need, what type of storage system you will use, and which features are most important to you. 

In Recent Years . . .

In recent years, the installation of security cameras in businesses of all sizes has become increasingly common. The purpose of these cameras is to better monitor the property and keep track of what is happening inside and outside the business. Businesses have found that security cameras can be a valuable tool in deterring crime, catching criminals, and protecting employees and customers. 

Reduce Being a Target . . .

One major benefit of having security cameras is that they can help reduce crime. In many cases, criminals will choose a business that does not have security cameras over one that does because they know there is a smaller chance of getting caught. Cameras also help to identify suspects after a crime has been committed. This can lead to more arrests and ultimately make the community a safer place. Employees and customers also feel safer when there are security cameras installed in a business.  

Reduce Liability and Damage to Property . . .

Many businesses will install security cameras in order to reduce the liability that they would otherwise have if they suffer a property loss. There are times when a criminal will enter a business and cause damage or will steal property, but not leave a footprint. If no one knows it happened, there is no way to prove that the crime really happened. Surveillance cameras can capture activity and evidence, which can be used to determine who was responsible for the crime. This could also help prevent crimes from occurring in the future. 

Security Cameras Can Catch (and Hold) Criminal Activity . . .

Security cameras can be used to monitor a business in real-time. This has proven to be very effective because it allows the business owner to see crimes as they are happening. Video evidence of a crime can be used when talking with law enforcement about the incident, or during court proceedings, if the criminal is found guilty. Many security cameras also have motion detection capabilities that allow them to only record when something is actually happening at a specific time, rather than recording constantly. This helps to save money and storage space, while still catching the activity you need on a video. 

Keep Employess and Assets Safe . . .

Cameras can be used to keep an eye on an area in a business that is not accessible to employees or customers. This helps the business owner know when activity is taking place and what is going on when it is not open to the public. In some cases, this can be particularly useful to help deter crime by showing how many people are entering or leaving the establishment at any given time. Employees can use security cameras as a part of their daily routine to monitor what is happening at all times. This can also save time for employees that are on patrol, as it eliminates the need for them to constantly check-in. Security cameras can be useful outside of a business. They can be used to keep an eye on parking lots and entrances, or even roads leading up to the business. If a criminal is looking for an easy target, there is less chance he will choose this business if he can see that there are security cameras in place. 

Invigorate Customer Confidence . . .

Many businesses have invested in security cameras because they want to promote customer confidence and trust in their employees, products, or services offered. This can be particularly helpful for companies that are dealing with a bad reputation or have high turnover. Security cameras can also show customers that the owner is proactive about crime prevention and security. This can help build a good reputation for not just the business but also the owner.
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Great business. They installed a security system at our condos and it has provided great security images and given our residents peace of mind. This company goes above and beyond with customer support and excellent work ethics.

Lana Sandoval

Business Security Cameras Have Many Uses

There are many different types of security cameras that are designed for different uses. Some may capture activity from a specific area, while other security cameras may be stationary and monitor a specific space. Many of these are also equipped with night vision capabilities.
Some of the more common security cameras uses include:

As mentioned above, there are various types of security cameras on the market. A few of them are dome, bullet, and fish-eye security cameras. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most important is to determine what you need the camera for in your business and choose the one that best fits the needs of your business and its surroundings while meeting the requirements of the Business Security Camera Program where Jefferson Security knows best and will help do it right and do it efficiently for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Business Security Camera Program?

The Business Security Camera Program provides funding to Philadelphia businesses and commercial property owners to install exterior security cameras. The program reimburses 50% of costs up to $3,000.

What types of businesses are eligible?

Any Philadelphia business with a current city business license and tax clearance is eligible. Both property owners and renters can apply with owner approval.

What exterior cameras are allowed?

Fixed outdoor security cameras that record video can be funded. Some panoramic and PTZ cameras are allowed within limits.

How does the reimbursement process work?

We install the cameras upfront, then submit paperwork to the city on your behalf to receive the 50% reimbursement after project completion.

Can you walk me through the application process?

Absolutely, we handle the entire application for you including collecting the required documents, submitting the application, and facilitating reimbursement. Just ask!


Get your business the funding it needs for your security cameras from the Business Security Camera Program and with the expertise from Jefferson Security Cameras!

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