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Residential Security Camera Systems

As a national leader in home security camera systems, Jefferson Security Cameras can help give you peace of mind when you’re not around. With powerful video performance and motion detection, our cutting edge cameras will help ensure everything is as it should be at home – inside and out.

windows and doors security

Doors & Windows

Secure doors & windows which are potential entry areas for intruders.

High Value Sections

Let Jefferson Security Cameras keep watch over your high value areas like safes & jewelry boxes.

Hallways & Stairs

Monitor high traffic areas of your home and living spaces.

Home Entrances

Cover main doorways and points of entry to your house. Most home intrusions occur through the front door or other entry points.

Home Perimenter

Cover large areas around your home, especially gathering spaces like the backyard, porch and patio. We place cameras at high points to cover large areas.


Vehicles are easy targets for criminals and thieves. We will be sure to have a camera pointed directly at your driveway or other important outdoor objects of value.

About Our Home CCTV services

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

Ask us about the different options to view your footage, including a DVR/NVR Recorder. Stream the surveillance footage playback with ease.

360 View of the Premises

Having a complete 360 over-site of your home and property is always the best when installing security cameras.

Custom Security Camera Set

We have multiple different Security Camera System packages you can choose from. From 2 cameras to hundreds. We will customize each home package.

What Our residential clients say

B. Kentworth

On the day of the appointment, John and his entire team were prompt and on time to our home. We ended up switching our design plan and they stayed on and soldiered through until the end. Patient and experienced. Thanks!

R. Matsoukas

Our technician took the extra time to show me how to operate the new home camera system. We can see whats happening at our home at all times, thank you Jefferson Security Cameras!