Overview of Security Camera Types

Overview of Security Camera Types 

Many homeowners buy a security camera system for peace of mind when they aren’t home. Some types of cameras will alert you of any suspicious movement near the entrance of your home by sending a text to an app on your phone. You might also use a more interactive system where you can audibly speak to someone approaching your home – which could come in handy if you need to tell a postal worker where to place a package. The sight of a security camera is typically a deterrent to someone attempting to break into a home.

Types of Indoor Security Cameras

There are two major categories of security cameras: indoor and outdoor. One popular type of camera is a wired indoor camera. These are typically dome cameras mounted on the ceiling of a home, capturing a wide view of the home from above. Information gathered from the camera’s view can then be transmitted by a coaxial or ethernet cable to a recording device.

A wireless indoor camera produces similar results, but their transmission is done via a Wifi network, and their pictures are stored in the cloud. These cameras can be programmed to detect and activate motion upon that motion. For example, the camera might be programmed to dispense dog food when it “sees” a dog or instead to measure the air quality, temperature, and humidity in a baby’s room.

Types of Outdoor Security Cameras

Wired outdoor cameras are nicknamed “bullet cameras” and are named for their long and cylindrical shapes. Those cameras are typically mounted high on an outdoor wall and plugged into an outdoor outlet. Wireless outdoor cameras have a similar function to indoor wireless cameras, and they’re mounted on an outdoor wall with a mount and screw set. Some of these wireless outdoor cameras can be programmed to use a high-voltage searchlight and a siren to scare away intruders.

Wire-free cameras are available in battery-operated models. They typically record pictures only when motion is detected. Because their batteries have a short life, these cameras don’t make continuous recordings. Some of these cameras have an attachment to a solar panel, which can gather enough power to keep it running for a longer period.

Choosing the Perfect Security System for Your Family

When you get a security camera for your home, you’ll want to be sure you select the right one for your family. At Jefferson Security Cameras, we understand your need for peace of mind. Our company has been providing security camera installation in the Philadelphia area for over ten years. We believe in quality merchandise and customer service to meet your security needs.

During the years we have been in business, we have kept up to date on the latest technological developments in security devices. When you call us to buy a security camera, we will consider your home and its layout to determine the best model for your needs and your budget. Each client we serve has unique needs, so we customize our cameras for each client. We offer only top-quality security devices, and we will suggest the best solutions for your family.

Call Us Today for an Appointment

In addition to selling quality cameras, we will expertly install them in your home. Each of our camera installers is licensed and insured, and we check the backgrounds of anyone who works with us. We want to be your security camera source in Philadelphia. Call us for an appointment today to find out more about the best security solutions for you.

Protect Your House With Jefferson Security Cameras

When looking for the most professional, highest-quality security camera installation service in Philadelphia, you have found the right place. Jefferson Security Cameras can help you set up your camera system from start to finish. We also provide 24/7 maintenance and support after the installation is complete. Jefferson Security Cameras will help you find the right camera system for your home. Whether you live in Philadelphia or the surrounding areas, Jefferson Security Cameras is ready to serve your security camera installation needs and equip you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is safe. 

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