Your House Was Just Broken Into – What to Do Right After and How Security Systems Can Help 

Break-ins happen, it’s a part of life. Our homes are full of valuable items that can be taken and sold, or worse, used to further harm us. What do you do when your house has been broken into? You can hire a security system company that specializes in installing surveillance systems in people’s homes. These systems give homeowners peace of mind and security when they aren’t home.

In this article we’ll talk about how these systems work and why they’re so important for homeowners who live in areas where break-ins occur frequently, what to do if you’ve experienced a break-in and how security systems can help you get your peace of mind back.

It’s hard but you’ll need to have a clear mind when dealing with break-ins

When situations like this happen to you it’s very normal for us to get overwhelmed with emotions that it would be hard to think straight. However, it’s the most crucial time for you to be able to think straight and make plans especially if you’re the one in charge of your house and especially if you have kids at home.

You will have to act right away and make the right decisions to ensure that you will be safe when you sleep the night after and also to make sure that the burglars are not still hiding in your home and waiting to strike again when everything has quieted down. Consider letting the family sleep somewhere else at least until you have secured the house. No matter what your family’s safety comes first.

When you’re the victim of a break-in, it’s important to know exactly what happened

One of the worst things happened, your house was broken into. You should understand that facts are crucial with situations like this for the purpose of reporting it and for preventing it afterwards. Here are some tips for keeping track of your own break-in.

Take notes as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it gets to remember details and remember what happened in the moment. Keep photos and video recordings on hand at all times (even if they seem silly). You may not be able to use them as evidence immediately after the fact—but doing so will help build up an archive that could prove useful later on down the line when filing legal action against perpetrators or insurance companies who claim ignorance about their policies’ requirements for coverage during incidents like these ones.

Keep a record of who you spoke with at the police station and keep copies of any paperwork that was filled out during the investigation. As soon as possible, take photos or video recordings of damage done to your home as well.

Call the police before anything else

The first thing you should do after a break-in is to call the police. If you don’t, then your options are limited and time will pass by quicker than you think. Instead of thinking about moving things around and cleaning up, focus on calling the police so they can send someone over to secure the area and make sure no one else enters through any other way besides where they came in from (like an open window).

If you’ve been burgled, call the police and ask them to send an officer out immediately. You also need to report the incident immediately so they can take pictures of the scene before it gets tampered with. If you report this too late then they might even question why you waited to do so.

Find a reputable surveillance system installer

If you’re looking for a reputable security system company, you can find one by asking friends and by searching online and scouting for good reviews.

Friends may know of some companies in your area that they have had positive experiences with, so ask around. If you don’t know anyone who has used a security system before, you might want to start by searching on Google for “best home security systems” or something similar. You can also search for “top rated home security companies” or “most reliable home security systems.” You can even try posting a question on Facebook or Twitter asking if anyone knows of any good home security companies near where they live!

Once you’ve gathered a few names, make sure to check out their websites and read their credentials. If the break-in is fresh then you may not have time for all of this. Call Jefferson Security Cameras if you live near or within Philadelphia,PA at (610) 937-3377 immediately.

Make sure you communicate what you need

If you’re thinking about installing a security system, make sure that the security system installers will install exactly what you want and what you need.

It’s important to specify exactly what kind of equipment you want installed on your property. You should also be clear about what kind of response time you’d like from the company, and whether or not you’d prefer a professional or an amateur company. These details can go a long way toward ensuring that your home is safe and secure especially if the break-in just happened. 

When you have a security system, you’ll feel more secure in your home again

Security systems are designed to keep your home safe. They are a great way to keep you and your family secure when you’re away from home. If someone breaks into your home, then the system will automatically notify emergency services so that they can respond immediately.

Security systems can help you sleep better and feel more confident especially after a break-in. They also help prevent burglaries and other crimes by making it harder for intruders to get into your house without being heard or seen by the cameras that watch over them 24/7.

When someone breaks into your home while they’re there, they may not know what’s going on until they hear something move around or see lights turn on—and if they don’t know who’s inside (or who owns the house), then it becomes even more likely that they’ll just leave quickly without taking anything valuable with them. That’s why having an effective security system is so important: not only does it provide peace of mind for those living within its walls; but also tells others that there are people watching out for the house.

Having a security system in your home can also mean that you’ll feel safer when you’re away from it—whether it’s for work or vacation. You’ll know that someone is there to watch over your house while you’re gone, and if anything happens then they’ll be able to call the police right away so that they can send someone out there as soon as possible.

Security systems also come with a monitoring service, which means that someone will be able to watch your property in real time and contact police if necessary. This can help you recover stolen items or catch criminals who are trying to break into your house. And the best part is that many companies offer free installation on their security systems when you sign up for monitoring services — so it’s easy to get started.

It’s probably the absence of security systems and cameras that enticed the robbers to enter your house

If you don’t have any security systems and cameras, it’s probably because you haven’t upgraded your locks and doors. These are the first line of defense against intruders. Robbers will scout your homes for any CCTVs or alarm systems. If they don’t see one then they will continue with their robbery. Chances are, if they see cameras and alarm systems, they might just think of walking away and break into another home without any of these. Consider getting visible cameras and put up warning signs as well to prevent this from happening in the future. Remember visibility goes a long way. This concept is why you often see buildings with CCTV warning signs and houses having warning signs that they have big dogs in the house. They all have one purpose, to ward off bad people from stealing.

A security system can help you get your property back

If you’re the victim of a break-in, it’s important to know that a security system can help you recover your property. When someone breaks into your house, there is usually damage done to the structure. This can include broken windows or doors, as well as other types of damages such as ransacking bedrooms or destroying furnishings.

If your home was burglarized and all or some of your belongings were stolen then you could probably get them back because you had evidence of them being stolen. This of course depends if the perpetrators were caught and apprehended. You could also get your stuff back or at least the amount it’s worth if you had some of your stuff insured. Security systems can help make it easier for the police and insurance companies when responding after a break-in. You won’t need to try your hardest to explain or remember what items you lost because you have evidence.

Security system installers can help you upgrade your locks and doors

A security system company can install upgrades for your locks and doors and make it safe so that it won’t be easy to enter your house through them anymore if you’re not supposed to.

An additional feature worth noting that installing modern locks and deadbolts means ensuring that each door has two separate keys: one key works only inside while another opens both sides simultaneously; additionally there may also be additional locking mechanisms built into these devices such as electronic locks which require codes from within range before opening up further access points into rooms without causing damage elsewhere inside buildings nearby. They can definitely install locks and alarms but not all companies can actually change your traditional locks and keys. You might need to call a locksmith for this just in case the company doesn’t offer these services.

Change all your locks and keys if there weren’t any signs of forced entry

If you didn’t notice signs of forced entry, it’s probably a good idea to get your locks and keys changed. Even if the intruder somehow managed to get in without breaking anything, it’s worth taking extra precautions to protect your home. You never know if they were able to obtain copies of your keys that’s why they were able to enter without destroying anything. Also note all the people you have given copies of your keys and give this information to the police. This is especially important if you live in an apartment building or with roommates who may have access to your apartment or if you have given copies to people who work for you. The police will then perform an investigation into what happened, including interviewing all involved parties. If one of them turns out to be the suspect or at least responsible for giving out your keys then you just saved you, your home, your family from something worse in the future. 

Call Jefferson Security Cameras

We hope this article has given you some insight into how a security system can help you after a break-in and some additional tips to help you right after one. If your house is left empty and vulnerable, it’s not just property that can be recovered. It’s also your peace of mind and security that may be compromised.

Jefferson Security Cameras is the best place to call if you want to feel safe in your home again. They can help keep your family and valuables safe, by installing cameras and a complete security system in every inch of the property. If a break-in occurs, you can depend on the cameras to monitor the activity  and the alarms to alert you right away so that all necessary measures can be taken immediately. Call them at (215)770-2911, they’ll be happy to take your call.

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