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Are you doing everything possible to keep your Lansdale, PA business and residence safe? Wherever you’re located in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area, you can count on the professionals at Jefferson Security Cameras to help protect you against all the internal and external threats that can make vulnerable your home or company’s security.

Jefferson Security Cameras specializes in supplying our clients with the most innovative electronic solutions in the industry, including video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control, fire prevention, integration services and monitoring services. You’ll also have access to related security services such as complete business alarm system design and installation, repairs and maintenance and much more.

If you’re looking for a security company that can grow along with your business, you’ve come to the right place. Jefferson Security Cameras can meet your expansion needs as you get high-quality products and customized service without having to go through the hassle of trying to find new providers in each town in Pennsylvania.

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We understand your need for quality and reliable security camera & CCTV systems. We provide custom solutions (design build or system upgrades) that are flexible and scalable and can be designed to meet your growing needs. 

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We provide residents security camera installation for homeowners and business owners in Lansdale who need a little extra security. We provide high-quality cameras and trained technicians for installation.

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Quality Security systems that we provide for Lansdale residents bring peace of mind in your home. Let Jefferson Security Cameras help you keep an eye on your greatest investment.

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Whether you have a storefront business in Lansdale, a school, or auto dealership, Jefferson Security Cameras provides professional custom solutions for your all commercial security needs.

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We are proud to offer the best home security equipment in Lansdale. Our commercial grade cameras are perfect for houses, apartments and business. Our equipment offers you the ability to collect clear pictures of both inside of your home and outside of your property, day or night. We offer several different video surveillance options. And we not only protect your home or business, we also protect your wallet. If you’re looking for a local security company in Lansdale that you can trust, look no further than Jefferson Security Cameras.

Can I Control My Security System If I Am Not At Home?

If you are looking to have control over your security system whenever you aren’t home, you will have to invest in a smart home security system that provides mobile controlling. Smart home security systems use Wi-Fi connections and remote management to provide you the capacity to arm, disarm, and track your system from wherever you are. Note you will need some kind of internet access. For example, you may use Wifi from wherever you are — but Wifi is not always available anyplace. In these situations, you’ll need to use your mobile’s data strategy. You also can get access to your system from an online platform as well as a mobile application.

At Jefferson Security Cameras you’ll have access to an app that allows you to track and adjust your system. We like to maintain our system simple to use because sometimes you want to act fast.

Of course, You Might Need to have Various components to do each the above — everything that’s smart could be linked to your cell phone and therefore commanded using the programs. When you build your system, you’ll have the ability to pick and choose what you would like to do. You might get notifications in your phone for specific things, but maybe not for many others. You may not have a smart thermostat, as an instance, which means you cannot control it.

The great thing about intelligent systems Is that you can build them as you move — you do not need to buy everything straight away. But with a wise safety system, you are keeping yourself safe, which might be the most essential part. If you have a household, the capability to control your security system when you aren’t in the house is essential.


Recognizing Night Vision Capabilities

Several distinct technologies make nighttime visual imaging potential. The most widely used in security apparatus are infrared lighting, but different technologies permit photo capture with very low light levels.


Infrared night vision is the most commonly used night vision technology employed in safety imaging. With this setup, little, infrared LED bulbs are incorporated into the camera and flip on when light levels fall below a predetermined point, acting as a floodlight to the camera. Many infrared cameras are constructed with motion detection technology and also the infrared lights are only activated in the event the device senses movement. Infrared cameras don’t rely on ambient lighting and so produce a consistent black and white image quality no matter how dark states are. Among technologies on the market now, these cameras produce the clearest pictures.

Low-Light Imaging

Even at night–in natural outdoor conditions–there is always some light present, even though it doesn’t seem like it! Unlike infrared cameras, low-light imaging technologies uses existing ambient light and intensifies it to create an amplified picture. While these cameras can create exceptional imaging and are typically very affordable, they do need some light to function properly and might not always yield the best outcomes, particularly on very dark nights and in controlled (indoor) environments. If you’ve got a circumstance in which you control the light conditions during dark hours, then these cameras could be appropriate, and work great in sunrise and dusk conditions.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a really effective technology that uses infrared energy generated by warmth. This type of camera requires very little light to capture an image and works for a very long distance. However, the images aren’t images in the traditional sense, but rather hot (white) places where warmer temperatures have been detected, as could be produced by a person or animal. These cameras can be efficiently utilized in concert with infrared technologies to set up a security system that is employed at a great distance, such as the border of a home (with thermal imaging) and closer to the home (with infrared imaging).

Finally, every security situation Is a unique one, and finding the right camera for you is a matter of analyzing your needs and building a system you feel comfortable with. At Jefferson Security Cameras we understand how crucial these queries are and consistently provide our customers with diversity in choice of high excellent security setups. If you have more questions about enhancing or getting started with security, Jefferson Security Cameras is here to help, security solutions are just a phone call away (215) 770-2911.



Lansdale Residents Get a Free Security Estimate

Get Information on High-Quality, Cutting-Edge Security Cameras for Residential and Commercial Clients in Lansdale, PA.